Oscilating in Beer Constant Mode

Not sure what’s causing this but my fridge is constantly cycling between heating and cooling? will the brew pi learn the P and I values and lower the overshoot or do I have to change them manually to get this closer first? Do I need to insulate the entry to my thermowell?

<img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/6cfa5a16e60f31fda0f062d6bb57d7a473974d4b.png"width=“690” height=“459”

Moving the fridge temp sensor closer to the evaporator seems to have helped.

If you look at when the fridge setpoint crosses the 20 degree line, it looks spot on. The problem is the lag between setpoint and actual fridge temperature.

I think that moving the fridge sensor closer to the actuators is your best bet.
You can also reduce Kp, Kd and Ki to make it less aggressive.

I moved the sensor and the result was perfect.

I’m having a similar concern…been fermenting nicely, but continues to oscillate between heating and cooling. Note my ‘room temp’ sensor is in the fermentation fridge, but at the very top where as the ‘fridge temp’ is in the midpoint of the fridge.