P1, BrewPi Spark v3

@Elco Care to shed any light on the new hardware popping up in software development on GitHub? New features/capabilities? Time frame for release?

Hi Mibrew,

Well spotted. I am currently testing the first prototypes of a new version of the BrewPi Spark.
I didn’t want to announce it before testing is complete and before I know the time frame for release.

The main differences with V2 will be:

  • Slightly bigger, nicer and more reliable display
  • More robust inputs and outputs (protected against overvoltage)
  • 12V and 5V on outputs on RJ12 connectors can be toggled. Disabling 12V when unused prevents damage to wrongly connected sensors. Toggling 5V can be useful to reset pheripherals.
  • P1 integrated on-board instead of the Photon
  • Brewer proof USB connector
  • New injection moulded enclosure
  • All connectors on top and bottom, no cables coming out of the sides
  • 1 extra output, 1 extra RJ12 connector
  • 2 outputs can also be used as input

Release date: about 2 months if everything goes as planned.


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@Elco Thanks for the information. Looks like there is even screen rotation coming for v3…

That’s possible on all versions actually, must not exposed to the user. If it’s a desired feature for many, we can make it configurable. The reason you see it in the code changes is just that the display is mounted differently. The V2 had the display cable on the left, the V3 on the right. So it is rotated 180 degrees.

I think for the orientation of the V3, the default should fit most people:
Bottom: Power, USB, 2x output, 2x RJ12 (sensors)
Top: 3x RJ12, 3x Output
It’s designed like this so that for a standard fridge setup, you only have wires on the bottom side.

This hardware revision is mostly for manufacturability and reliability of the components. Don’t get excited about new software features that come with the V3 release. That’s a separate issue and pretty much unrelated to the hardware. The new software features can almost entirely be backported to all BrewPi Spark releases.

So here we are 3 months later, any news on the new brewpi? :slight_smile:

Yes, first boars are coming of the production line.
Injection mold for enclosure almost ready.

Will be released this month, but probably near the end of the month.