Permissions problem during installation?

I just did a fresh install of raspbian, connected to wifi, updated and upgraded everything, copied over the brewpi install files… started to install it and it was working for awhile until I got

“/home/pi/brewpi-tools/ line 276: cd: FermChamber: No such directory Fatal: could not create work tree dir ‘FermChamber’.: Permission denied
Error Error Error Error Error”

(FermChamber is what I named the www directory)

This was a fresh install of raspbian and I didn’t change any permissions or anything… I did sudo when I was installing (and was installing as pi… the main user)…
I realize its a permission issue… I just don’t get what I did wrong… and I can’t find anything on google or on these forums

Does anyone have any idea of what to try?

The prompt does not ask you for a directory inside /var/www/, it is asking you for a path.
If you have typed FermChamber at that prompt, that is not a valid path.

I recommend just accepting the defaults, by pressing the Enter key.

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haha oh man… that’s easy… i thought it was asking for a folder name.

sorry about that.

at least the next idiot googling this will have an answer now

thanks for the help and thanks so much for brewpi. i had it installed before and loved it