PID settings for induction mashing

Hello there!

I am brewing on a “classical” 20-30 litre 3-pot self-built homebrew setup. I’m using a 3500W Hendi induction plate for mashing and boiling. I’d like to automate the mashing (there’s a onewire temp probe in the mashtun and a SSR switching the induction plate).

Does anyone have experience with a similar setup? I’m not sure what settings to use, especially the switching intervals for the induction plate. I don’t want to break it by switching it on and off too often and I’m also not sure if it needs a certain “on”-time to actually have any effect.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
(And if you live in or around Utrecht, NL, feel free to drop by and pick up a beer!)

Does the induction plate requires button presses after you plug it in? It it does, that’s your first thing to tackle, because the SSR just interrupts power.

The induction plate has a manual power selection knob so it can be switched by the SSR (that’s why I bought it).

See the discussion in Discord. :wink:

I’ll post a summary of that when I’ve got some results so people can read up on it here. :slight_smile: