Possible to disable (or just not display) boil mode?

Just updated today after a few month long break from brewing. There seem to be lots of changes, which I looking forward to exploring more in the days to come.

One quick question: is it possible to disable boil mode (or just not display boil mode settings in the PID dialog)? I currently use brewblox for fermentation only, and the boil mode settings aren’t particularly relevant and just take up space - and scared me when I first saw them and didn’t know what they were. After looking through the change logs, I’m guessing this mode would never turn on when the PID is being used for fermentation temperatures, so this is mostly an aesthetic desire of mine to not display the settings than a functional need to completely disable it.

Welcome back =)

You’re correct in that boil mode will never activate at fermentation temperatures.

Normally, a PID gets confused while boiling: you need to keep adding heat, but due to the phase change, the liquid temperature will not go above 100 degC / 212 degF. If this makes your setpoint of eg. 220 degF unreachable, the integrator will also start climbing to max.

Implementation is that if setpoint > “boil temp” (default 212 degF), the output is clipped to a minimum, and the integrator is kept down.

In practical terms: if you’d put the setpoint at 213 degF, it will first heat to boiling at full power, and then keep boiling at medium power.

Does the feature request to hide settings apply to the basic PID display, or only to the full one?

I had remembered such a boil-mode being in the to-do list, so I managed to temper my panic mostly as was scanning change-logs to confirm that this was the implementation of that.

I’m afraid my brewblox terminology is a little out of date. Would I be correct to use the following labels?

basic PID display
Screenshot from 2020-02-16 18-35-20

full PID display
Screenshot from 2020-02-16 18-35-36

PID dialog

If so, I think it would be most nice to be able hid the boil icon in the basic display, but it might also be nice to be able to minimize/hide it in the full display (especially since I need to scroll through that display) and maybe even dialog.

While we are on the topic, what is the purpose of the P–I--D–boil icons in the basic display? are they just decorative or do they convey information. The P, I and D appear to be bolded and white, is that indicating that all three components are currently contributing to the output?

Your terminology is correct. Both widget and dialog can toggle between basic and full mode. (the vertical triangle brackets button in the toolbar).

We can definitely make the ‘boil’ text in basic even darker when inactive / hide it completely. The solution for the full version is less obvious, but I’ll make an issue for it.

The P/I/D letters in basic are just labels. If they contribute to output, the grey bars turn blue.


I think not displaying ‘boil’ if the “minimum output when boiling” is set to 0% makes total sense. We’ll implement it like that.