Previous Beers blank page

My previous beers are not showing up in the maintenance panel. I can see the .json and .csv files under a few beer names in both in the /var/www/data and /brewpi/data/ locations. The webpage is just blank.

I have an external webpage added using a htaccess file, so i go to the admin.php page to access the maintenance panel. Any ideas what is wrong?


Ok, I the ‘previous beers’ page works fine if i navigate to the local ip of the pi. If access it via my external ip through port forwarding it has this problem.

In Chrome, try getting some more info by pressing F12.
Look at the network tab to check the result of the AJAX requests and the console tab for errors.

it shows an error with the previous_beers.php. It shows the standard error:
Forbidden…You don’t have permission to access /previous_beers.php on this server.

That sounds like it is related to your custom .htaccess file, not a standard BrewPi thing.
Did you move some files? Is there a .htaccess file in the directory that contains previous_beers.php?

yes, I have a .htaccess file inside my /var/www directory for my admin.php page. I followed the setup for an external page on homebrew talk titled “External Public & Private BrewPi webpage”

I can see it is related to this…just not sure how to get it fixed.

I had this same problem, what does your .htaccess file look like?

the same as in the example…i just used it, no changes.

Don’t know if you are still having this issue. I came across this post while having the same problem.

My fix for this is to add a / in the .htaccess file in front of the previous_beers.php

<FilesMatch "beer-panel.php|config.php|configuration.php|control-panel.php|maintenance-panel.php|/previous_beers.php|program_arduino.php|s ave_beer_profile.php|start_script.php">

for some reason this works. hope this helps someone

This fixed my issue thank you!