Probem with new fermenting data logging

People, after compile my own version of Brew Pi with Atmel, changing only times in TempControl.h, I implement it without any error. So, when I try create a new Fermenting data log, the name of a new fermentation is shown on page, but do not generate any folder with this name on “brewpi/data”. So, after reload the page (as suggested when we create a new fermenting data log), any graphic isn’t shown.

What is happening? May I do any other change when compiling my own version?


Fabiano da Mata

P,S.: I do those changes to use it with my herms system without Sparke. Here in Brazil isnt easy find it. And import is to expensive because custom taxes is o high.

// Set minimum off time to prevent short cycling the compressor in seconds
const uint16_t MIN_COOL_OFF_TIME = 1;
// Use a minimum off time for the heater as well, so it heats in cycles, not lots of short bursts
const uint16_t MIN_HEAT_OFF_TIME = 1;
// Minimum on time for the cooler.
const uint16_t MIN_COOL_ON_TIME = 1;
// Minimum on time for the heater.
const uint16_t MIN_HEAT_ON_TIME = 1;
// Use a large minimum off time in fridge constant mode. No need for very fast cycling.
// Set a minimum off time between switching between heating and cooling
const uint16_t MIN_SWITCH_TIME = 1;
// Time allowed for peak detection
const uint16_t COOL_PEAK_DETECT_TIME = 60;
const uint16_t HEAT_PEAK_DETECT_TIME = 60;

I just stop logging before create a new Fermenting. Now is working ok.