Problem showing Log1 temperature on graph

Hi all,

I just update a 2016 install (spark 2) that have always been running like a charm since then.
Raspberry pi reinstalled fresh on lite, docker running great as well as brewpi.
The setup have been tested, it’s all good. So why am I here posting about a troubleshooting issue then ?

Well I understand that now there is not more “room temperature” sensor but rather Log1, Log2 & Log3 we can assign to whatever we feel like.
So I’ve setup my ex-room temperature sensor to Log1, but I can’t get it to show up on the graph ? I can definitely see it working in the “Device Configuration”, with the temperature, but I get it to show up anywhere else.
I hope I’m just missing a simple configuration somewhere, as much as I understand this is not an important problem, I liked to have the temperature room on the graph.

Well ok, it seems now everything is on brewblox … well ok I’ll migrate to that too then.

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Job done, I’m on brewblox, all is running fine.
I managed to learn and discover a bit of it with the time I had available.
Fermentation fridge setup done, I managed to add my extra temperature prob for the room temperature and have it on the graph, Hooray !

So now, mission from today would be to configure a dynamic fridge setpoint.
Then I’ll be keen to explore the possibility to attach a webhook to send data to brewfather.


Happy to hear it’s working well!

The mandatory disclaimer is that we ditched the dynamic fridge setpoint because direct control was working just fine.
That said: relevant documentation can be found here, and here.

For third-party additions (such as calling webhooks), we have a boilerplate repository that can be used as template. This includes example code for waking up every X time, getting data over REST, and then sending it somewhere else.

Thanks for that @Bob_Steers
I can confirm that the direct control is working just fine, no need to bother making the process more complex for nothing.
I had still implemented it for testing purposes but finally decided to rollback to normal since it was working fine. It helped me understand brewblox far better though !