Problem with Pi - Waiting For Peak

Everything was moving along fine. Smallpower outage yesterday around 1pm (approx out for 20 mins). Then today around 9am brewpi goes crazy.

Totally bizarre pi thinks its heating but just checked and it clearly running the fan on my peltier plate which is cooling.

I had a Power outage too looks like i will have to completely reinstall, Hope its not the same for you

Waiting for the peak is normal: after heating or cooling, it waits for the peak to adjust the estimators.

Upon inspection of your graph, it looks like you have your actuators reversed?
When it was cooling the fridge temperature went up.

That’s the problem. it was running fine then something changed I don’t even know how. Will look at it when I get back home.

Think I’ve narrowed this down to the relay board. Both heating and cooling are on constantly. Not sure what would have fried it. The peltier and heat tape draw very little in terms of Amps.
Thanks god for the old ranco back-up.

Replaced the relay board, fingers crossed this one doesn’t fail prematurely. So far so good.