Problems to install


I try to reinstall my brewpi, but in the step “sudo ./” I get an error message.
It is this: “checking for internet connection … could not ping Are you sure you have a working internet connection? Installer will exit, because it needs to fetch code from

My ethernet connection works correctly, I can navigate well with the browser and the rest of the previous steps did not give any problem.
Thank you


Hi Blau,

This path works for me -

Can you confirm that you are using this full command?
git clone ~/brewpi-tools
sudo ~/brewpi-tools/



Hi Justin,
my commands were this:

git clone ~/brewpi-tools
cd brewpi-tools
sudo ./

do you think the difference between http: // … and https: // … can be the problem?
Until this afternoon I will not have access to the machine.
I just have to repeat the command with https: // …?
Thank you.


Ramon, sorry for the delay.
I am not sure about the http:// vs https:// factor. I am no web expert but I do know that occasionally my web browser will not open a page if it has an expired security certificate.

I would recommend trying the https address in the command line and see what happens.
For context, I just used the automated installer two weeks ago and it worked perfectly (this used the https address).

Sorry I can’t be of more help.


Hello Justin,
you have been helpful. Your advice has made me understand something else and I have already managed to solve this problem. I’m standing at another point, but I’ll report it in another thread for not confusing this one.
Thanks again.