Process view issue

I am trying to use the Process view widget but I have some issues.
When I have added a component it is not possible to move it, after dragging the component it jumps back to original location.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?


If you refresh your page, does the problem persist?

If so, please open your dev console (ctrl + shift + i), and open the network tab.

Then drag a few times to reproduce the error, right click on one of the lines in network, and choose “export HAR file”. Please upload that file here.

We had some problems in the past with process view getting conflicts when saving. We thought we fixed them, but this will let us check.

I have now uploaded the HAR file, had to rename ti to TXT.

2019-05-11_raspberrypi.txt (111.2 KB)

I don’t really see any errors there. Could you please export the widget? I could have a look at whether that reproduces.

brewblox-Process View-d6768978-6bc9-161f-d03d-80e8fda8a67e.json (352 Bytes)

Just checking, have you switched into move mode (Press M or click Move)? I believe you have to change modes explicitly to do things like move/rotate.

After some checking, it appears that this is caused by an issue being fixed twice.

A few weeks back, we corrected a bug where drag and drop used incorrect coordinates when opening the Process View edit window after scrolling the page.
It now appears this same bug was also fixed upstream, making our fix overcorrect placement position.

The (un)fix will be part of the next release. Until then you can work around it by placing the Process View widget at the top of the page, and opening the edit mode while the page is not scrolled.

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Just wanted to note that this bug still affects me on the latest release. I can still work around it by placed the widget at the top of the dashboard.

Still, or again? We re-fixed it for this release, as we noticed it again. Maybe there’s something more involved going on.

That’s a good question. I haven’t used the process view in awhile so I guess this could either be a regression or an issue that was present all along.

Edit: I do seem to remember my (related issue) of offset placement being fixed at some point. So if this is due to the same underlying issue then this is probably a regression.