Project: Digital auto sparge

Hi guys

I managed to make a autosparge concept work, and it works quite well. I can keep a steady water level ±1 liter by PID controlling the water pump using load cells as input. No sensors that gets in contact with the wort.

I’ll gladly share more details if anyone’s interested

We’re definitely interested =) We get questions about this with some regularity.

I made a video where I show the idea in action. You can see it here:

I’m using the esp32 controller to upload a analog / resistive sensor value to brewblox. The value is sent to a external sensor block over wifi with the esp32 board. That’s why there’s a Celsius unit instead of kg.

And the rest is quite basic. PID control the pump speed to maintain the weight of the mash tun :-).

So you should of course not apply load to the mash tun when it’s sparging.

When then scale is turned on / reset. The weight is reset to 0 which is the set point. So you set the current level by pushing the reset button on the eap32 controller.