Pump PMW signal failing

Today while brewing after a month (so after the last updates), something was odd. When I tried to turn off the pumps (by sendind 0% pwm signal) through brewblox, the pumps continued to work. In brewpi Spark v3 display, it showed that the pumps pwm signal was 0% but the pumps continue to worked. I had to stop them by turning them off (cutting the power supply) and then restart the spark (power cycle) in order for them to stop.

Glycol configs by default have a minimum on constraint set on the actuator.
What is this setting for you? How long did the pump stay on after you set it to 0%?
You can show relevant values in the graph. Both PWM and actuator blocks have “(desired)setting” and “value” fields.

If you select a short period in your graph, you can check by using actuator value whether the minimum on constraint was already satisfied when you disabled the PWM.

I don’t think I understood that correctly. I am not using a Glycol config but a HERMS and as far as I have seen there is no constraint on the pumps neither on the actuator or on the PWM blocks.
It stays after a while at least 10 min, not sure if it ever turns off by itself

How is your Pump connected? Using a OneWire board, or a Spark pin? We’re aware of some issues with the former, and are working to fix them.

The pumps are connected to the Spark Pins. I can add that the Pumps actuator blocks are on the on position even that the PWM blocks are 0%

Can you export your blocks from the Spark page?

Pump 1.json (198 Bytes) Pump 2.json (198 Bytes) PWM Pump 1.json (286 Bytes) PWM Pump 2.json (286 Bytes)

It is easier if you just export all blocks from the top right menu.

Here you go brewblox-blocks-spark-one.json (19.3 KB)

@Elco, @Bob_Steers Any ideia what’s going wrong?

We’re currently hunting down what caused this. We already were looking for a bug that caused actuators to lock up, but thought it had something to do with how DS2413 extension boards are handled.

It’s a critical bug, so a fix will be released as soon as we’re confident it works and doesn’t break something else.

What are the memory percentages displayed on the LCD? Running out of memory could cause symptoms like this.

Right now hasn’t rebooted for the last hour and it’s: 79%, 91% (display order which looks like mem, cpu). I will keep an eye on it to see if I can see the values before it reboots)

Actually it is current memory use and peak memory use. It seems okay.
Your logs show that you are not running the latest version of the firmware, so I recommend upgrading.
Meanwhile we’re looking investigating what could cause this.

Ah alright thanks, yes the logs were from monday. I have updated today and I am brewing right now, but the pumps are still not responding to my “OFF” signal (0%). However, they now seem to behave well when changing the pwm signal (from 4%-100%), just don’t like being 0%

Thanks, that’s good info! I’ll have a look.

@Elco any update on this? I still continue having this behaviour.