Pump PMW signal failing

Today while brewing after a month (so after the last updates), something was odd. When I tried to turn off the pumps (by sendind 0% pwm signal) through brewblox, the pumps continued to work. In brewpi Spark v3 display, it showed that the pumps pwm signal was 0% but the pumps continue to worked. I had to stop them by turning them off (cutting the power supply) and then restart the spark (power cycle) in order for them to stop.

Glycol configs by default have a minimum on constraint set on the actuator.
What is this setting for you? How long did the pump stay on after you set it to 0%?
You can show relevant values in the graph. Both PWM and actuator blocks have “(desired)setting” and “value” fields.

If you select a short period in your graph, you can check by using actuator value whether the minimum on constraint was already satisfied when you disabled the PWM.