Pumps that require 5v signal

Hi guys I’m going to build up a 3V system, a local seller is selling these:

  • 2 x Topsflo TD5 24 V pumps. These were custom built for me with a 0-5 V speed control line broken out. Note, they will not run without the 0-5 V signal supplied.
  • Power supply and speed controller PCB for the above. Not assembled or tested.

They look very similar to what you sell in your online store, will the spark/Brewblox be able to control them? Can it provide the 5v signal?

It looks like an older version, they upgraded the design to 24V about 2 years ago.
The spark can provide a 5V on/off or PWM signal. Your photos are too far away and low resolution to say anything about the board.

Ok they should work then, the photos are from the original for sale post, I’ll just buy the pumps & the 24V power supply then, if the spark can control them, thanks for the quick reply