PWM Pump Control Board

The control board for the PWM pump has disappeared from the BrewPi store. Is it coming back? Or gone for good?

Haven’t seen any traffic here, so I’ll bump this one up.
And ask a related question.
Is there any way to set a profile to drive the % on a PWM?
Looking to start a pump slow at the beginning of a mash, then gradually speed things up.

Not directly, but it can be done with some creative use of a mock sensor.

If you have a sensor -> setpoint -> PID -> PWM chain using a mock sensor, you can use the profile to control the setpoint/sensor “error”.

A PID with ti=0 and td=0 will have predictable output % based on Kp and temperature error.

If you set Kp to 1, output will match input error.
For example, with a setpoint setting of 20, and a sensor value of 0, output will be 20%.


How slow can the pump be run? 10%?
What does that equate to in L/min?

The minimum for meaningful output is 15%. At that point, the displacement is “very little”. We can’t assign a more exact value to that.