Can this be used for fitting a thermowell into a pot? Also, what is the diameter of the hole in the middle?

@SwiftPint do I understand your question? you want to attach this to your Pot and then screw a thermowell in to the bulkhead fitting.

@rbpalmer yeah, that was the plan. Not a real how I’d attach it, or if the hole is big enough for my thermo well.

I’m having second thoughts about whether I need to go down this route at all.
I’m aiming for a recirculating BIAB setup and wanted to record temps near the element, to avoid overheating. Not sure if this is needed if I’m recirculating, or if a temp probe of the tap would be OK.

@SwiftPint, Not sure on a BIAB setup I think you could use the Bulkhead with a 1/2" BSP coupler you could then have a 1/2" BSP thermowell. I had a similar issue with a fermenter, ended up purchasing the FastFermenter and replaced the thermopile with a 6mm one so the sensors on the brewpi fit tightly.


Ok. I should read your posting more observant… I deleted my former misleading post.

I used the face sealing locknut from the brewpi store to attach 1/2" thermo wells to my pots. I punched 1/2" holes into the pots and mounted the thermo wells into the holes. Then I wrapped teflon tape around the threads and sealed them with a locknut.

For a system recirculating the wort you also can use a BSP tee in combination with a threaded temperature sensor mounted in your circulation line.

I hope I got you right this time.

It will be hard to attach a stainless steel tube to the bulkhead fitting. It is not a compression fitting, it is made for hydraulically pressing a tube in the fitting with heavy machinery for our kettle inlets and coils. If you need a hole with BSP thread, you can use it, but not to attach stainless tube/pipe.

Thanks guys. I think I will end up going for the BSP tee and threaded temp sensor.

I did a trial run at the weekend, recirculating with a pump, whilst measuring the temperatures at 4 different places throughout. The difference in temperature throughout the mash was minimal (0.25C).