Quick Start Wizard not working

So I’ve been trying to run the quick start wizard to get a fermentation fridge setup started, but when I get to “Pick Spark Service” page, the “Next” button is never available to click and I can’t move forward with the setup. This was just working the other day before the recent update. I’ve tried on both an existing RPi/Brewblox install I have been using for a while and also a fresh install and same results for both. Note, I am just running a Spark simulation right now, but that never seemed to be an issue.

Is the wizard working for anyone else or did it go down from the last update?

Screenshot of the error:

brewblox-logs.json (2 Bytes)


This was a bug on our end. You can download by the fix by running brewblox-ctl service pull ui, and then reloading the UI.

Thanks @Bob_Steers. Everything is working now.