Raspberry Pi 2 release

Just saw that the new version of this board has been released… Looks good although I was surprised to see they built no WiFi into it. Features a faster processor and more RAM. Everything else stays the same.

It is sods law that a new one would be released as soon as I ordered mine!

In terms of BrewPi am I mistake or do I see no reason for an upgrade (obviously if you were buys new you would get one) as we aren’t using huge amounts of CPU/RAM? If anything the new release might push down the costs of B+ units making BrewPi more accessible.



The spark core has wifi built in. And this new unit can run not only your fermenter but your whole brewing process with automated valves and pumps.

You still need a raspberry pi or something similar to run the web interface for logging etc.

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What Dan said: you will still need a web server.

The spark is the controller, it does not run the web server.
I was less happy with the new Pi. I am still sitting on quite a bit of stock of the older version.

In a related note: €10 discount on Raspberry Pi’s! I am actually making a loss on them now.
You can now get a B+ with SD-card for €24.95.

Great as a media center too with RaspBMC.

Yeah I am torn here. I am about to pull the trigger on a whole BrewPi Spark setup and then this comes out. I probably don’t need the Pi 2 but just knowing that there is a bigger better one out there than the B+ makes me want to seek it out. Will just have to sleep on it.

Unless you think you will be using the Pi for other, CPU intensive projects it really makes no difference.

I would take the discounted offer! I paid full price for mine recently.


Yeah that’s what I did. Didn’t see a need for the Pi2. Just placed my order now.