Raspberry Pi 3 released!


Wonder if my beer will ferment faster now! :grin:

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Ill buy one to hopefully solve The WiFi problems that I have with rp2 + edimax dongle.

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Got mine on order to replace the V1 I currently have in there. Should make the interface a bit faster!

It says its short range wifi. What is short range tho?

Has anybody tried out a Raspberry Pi 3 yet? I’m particularly keen to know if the wifi is more robust.

I have a 3 and two 2s. The wifi is pretty much worthless for me; it doesn’t even see my router where my PI is which is about 40 feet away down one floor and in the garage away. The speed increase, however, is very noticeable and the built in Bluetooth is really nice for my keyboard. I would buy one again, but not because of the wifi.

For me wifi is stable on both 3 and 2, so I can’t tell if it is more robust.

@y2klightning thanks for the info. Would you say the range is noticeably worse than the PI 2 with the Edimax dongle? I’m not too worried about range, just keen to avoid drop outs.