Raspberry Pi losis ipaddress

Hi, although everything works fine for days suddenly the raspberry pi losses its ipaddress. Rebooting the router is not helping, only rebooting the raspberry pi solves the problem.
Raspberry Pi and Spark 4 controllers are all on fixed ipaddresses.

Any idea why this is?

Is the Spark connected over wifi or ethernet?

I think you mean static DHCP leases instead of static IP addresses?
A static IP address is configured on the client (which we don’t support on the Spark). A static lease is configured on the router, so it reserves and hands out the same IP address each time an address is requested via DHCP.

The Spark 4 controllers are connected via WIFI but they’re doing fine (their ipaddresses are also configured in the yaml file). Als the SPark 4 controllers have as Elco correctly stated static DHCP leases configured on the router, just like the raspberry pi.
It’s only the raspberry pi that becomes unreachable and need a reboot. I couldn’t find any system in the reason why the ipaddress got lost. I found something on the internet related to the use of docker.

I’m looking at the solution suggested in that thread, but now my Pi is completely inaccessible, even after reboot.

I’ll attach a monitor, and get back to you. Until then I’d advise -not- switching to NetworkManager.

Update: after entirely too much effort, the solution was blindingly simple. NetworkManager doesn’t re-use the wifi credentials. You can switch to NetworkManager, but then you have to reconnect to wifi using raspi-config. This can be done by connecting a monitor/keyboard, or an ethernet cable.

this doesn’t seem to be the solution that i was expecting. My expectation is that the raspberry pi is automatically reconnecting after eg a reboort of the modem/router (which doesn’t happen right now, i must reboort the easpberry for picking the network again)
Initially the issue was that the raspberry pi was disconnecting from the network without any reason, it really happens randomly. Sometimes it’s working perfect for a few weeks and sometimes it happens after a few days. Once it loses it network it doesn’t come back and becomes remotely unreachable.