Raspberry Pi: Model 2 or 3?

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I’m new to the community and have a question regarding Brewpi. I’m looking to build a temperature-controlled fridge to ferment my 19 L batches. I have been reading a bit on homebrewtalk and one concern came up: is it correct that using a Raspberry pi 2 has advantages over using a Model 3, because the automated software installation works better on Model 2? Is there anything else to consider regarding this? I’m relatively new to all of this so I sometimes have trouble getting my head around the technicallities…
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I’m pretty sure I’ve used the auto installer on the RPI 3 the 3 obviously has the advantage of having wifi on board, so easier to set up and may even save a bit of cash not having to by a wifi adapter (unless you were planning cabled)

i used the auto installer on rpi3 - it worked fine

Alright, sounds reassuring. Thanks a lot for your help!

The only “issue” with the installer is the html directory (/var/www/html/ in Jessie, /var/www/ in Wheezy.) Other than that it works fine.

Here’s the instructions I posted on HBT for start to finish on getting the RPi3/Jessie running start to finish:

sudo apt-get install arduino-core
git clone https://github.com/BrewPi/brewpi-tools.git ~/brewpi-tools
sudo ~/brewpi-tools/install.sh
sudo passwd brewpi
sudo ~/brewpi-tools/updater.py --ask

(choose legacy branch both times when prompted)

*** Updating BrewPi web interface repository ***
The path '/var/www' does not seem to be a valid git repository
What path did you install the BrewPi web interface scripts to? /var/www/html

The update script can automatically check your controller firmware version and program it with the latest release on GitHub, would you like to do this now? [Y/n]:Y

Is your controller unresponsive and do you wish to try restoring your firmware? [y/N]: Y

(Choose 0.2.10 release)

sudo nano /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

Change “KeepAliveTimeout 5” to “KeepAliveTimeout 99” to deal with LCD text refresh bug.

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Do regular setup and configuration from within web interface.


Thanks so much for the detailed reply. The Brewpi is now ordered and I will start to dig in soon, the input is highly apprechiated!

Might be a dumb question, but why choose legacy branch?

If you are using a BrewPi spark then don’t choose legacy. That is if you are using the old Arduino hardware (which is not supported by the latest Script and Web interface).

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Arduino = Legacy
Spark = New Hotness

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I am looking at upgrading from a Raspberry Pi b+ to a Raspberry Pi 3 model B. I’ve moved into a new house and don’t have an ethernet connection where my chamber is located. My Pi is housed within an enclosure that won’t easily allow for an external wifi dongle, and the Pi 3 has it built in.

I am running raspbian (all up to date) on the current Pi b+. Can anyone tell me whether or not I can simply take the SD card out of my b+ and put it in the new Pi 3 model B? Saves me doing a fresh install. It’s unclear from my googling.

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@Dan: I’d wondered that myself, but I was going to do it between my 2 and 3. I believe it will run, since the images you download are not unique for the different versions. It would be safest to use something like Win32DiskImager (if on a PC) to make a backup of the SD card before trying.

I never saw an update to this thread so I didn’t know you asked the question. Sorry it took so long to respond.

Yes it should be fine you might just need to run an update to make sure the wifi and Bluetooth on board updates.

I did exactly this when I got my RPI 3

Thanks guys. That’s what I though. Agreed, a backup would not be a bad idea.

My method was to clone the card on to a new sd log in via the new ipaddress via ssh and change the host name and all was good but if you’re just planning a straight swop you wouldn’t need to do that

Just to reassure anybody reading this thread with the same initial question: the install worked just fine and worked perfectly on RPi 3. I had no problems setting up the Pi

Yes I never replied to this thread. I also removed the card from my RPi B+ and put it in my RPi 3 model B. All worked fine after an update.

So I have a pi2 with wheezy and brew pi. I have the SD backed up but I am not able to buy a pi 3 and use this card correct? As I would need it to be Jessie correct? So I would have to do the pi3 from scratch and then back up that SD for future restore

If you’re setting up from scratch, I would go with docker.
You might be able to update your wheezy to jessie and then switch cards, but I think using docker will be easier.

What is docker? Not sure what that means