Raspberry PI very slow


I have a BrewPI for about 3 years. Always worked great.

The last batch I brew (1 month ago) I set to be Beer Profile.

I just finish the cold crashing and wanted to run an update on the brew pi but I realized

  1. can’t get it’s hit or miss. At times I can get to it. At times it reports empty response.
  2. the SSH connectivity is very slow. If I get thru running the update script never ends. Actually there is not line outputed by the script. I do run it in sudo mode.

Anyone has any idea how to troubleshoot this ?

I am going to go and unplug it, let it comeback and then check to see what’s running.
Can this be due to large amouts of data collected on my last 1 month brew (can’t be that)

Any helper scripts to cleanup the install ?


Manage to start a new brew and pause it. The os seems way faster!