Raspberry pints

I have a brewpi controlling my keezer temperature. I would like to run raspberry pints on the same pi. That way I can share the monitor. Can these work on the same pi?

I have OSMC installed on my pi and then just installed docker and then pulled the brewpi image and have that running in the background. It should similarly be simple for you to follow the Raspberry Pints instructions (which looks like it involves installing Rasbian) then install docker and pull the brewpi image. I can’t find exactly which method I used to install docker, but I don’t remember it being particularly difficult. There are some old instructions here for installing via shell script, and I believe that hypriot maintains a debian package as well. Googling around might find the most up to date method.

I didn’t migrate to the docker version yet, but it wasn’t that hard to make Brewpi and RaspberryPints work on the same pi.

I don’t remember the entire process but it took me some fiddling with directories and the web server.

Ah yes, I’m not familiar with Raspberry Pints, but if it uses a web server then some further customization is necessary to make sure brewpi and pints share nicely. As Matdias suggested, I imagine it’s just a matter of placing brewpi at and Pints at If you are using docker, it might be worth writing a script to make the changes every time you pull a new docker image to update the software.

That’s correct. Mine is (raspberrypints) and