RaspberryPi freezes

I have just upgraded from BrewPi to BrewBlox. I get RPi freeze more often now. I think the freeze comes during heavy workload. On BrewPi it came during refresh with a long (2.5 weeks) dataset.
Some suggest a power problem. Is the Sp3 drawing slightly more power with BrewBlox than it did with BrewPi?
I am running/powering the Sp3 through a USB cable. RPi power shown in picture.
How would it be having the 12V ps in addition to the USB source? How will these two sources interact, will the 12V take over completely?
I am open for suggestions here.

It’s always useful to give the Spark its own power source. This makes it independent from the Pi. The USB cable will still be used for communication.

Those referring to power issues on the Pi are referring to the charger for the Pi itself. What model / Amperage are you using there? Official specs can be found here.

Swap memory overflow can also hangups. We describe how to disable that here.

Thanx. The RPi charger is pictured. I hope it shows. I think it is the official one. The 12V is on its was in. I will also check your swap link.

Ah, thought you posted a picture of your Spark adapter, so didn’t pay too much attention yet.

5V@2.5A should work fine for all models except the Pi4.

Is this a good power supply for the 12V? Set for 12V. :innocent:

The Spark should only draw about 100mA, it is unlikely that it affects the pi.
I wouldn’t add the 12V supply, it is not needed here.

Is the pi in a box? It could be overheating perhaps.
You can get the temperature with:
/opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp

Around 50C is normal.