Re-allocate one-wire sensor

Hey Guys,

I have set up two dashboards:
• Fermentation dashboard
• HERMS dashboard

Somewhere along the lines two one-wire temp probes previously part of the HERMS dashboard have been dropped and assigned to the Fermentation dashboard.

I am able to bring both probes in to the Fermentation dashboard but they are no longer available for the HERMS dashboard where they belong.

Before I do anything further, is there a mechanism available to re-allocate the probes and make them available to the HERMS dashboard?



If you go to the Spark service page, you can view all blocks and block relations.

A sensor is used as input by Setpoint blocks. To fix your configuration, edit the setpoints that should (or shouldn’t) be using the sensor.
Setpoints on the same Spark can share a sensor. If you want to use a sensor in both your fermentation and your HERMS setup, you can do so.

Separately, you can rename the sensor. This will not cause setpoints to lose their link.

Thanks Bob,

All fixed.