Read Ispindel Data

Hello all,
I’ve been the proud owner of a BrewPi for a few weeks now and so far I’m really super satisfied.
I have just connected my Ispindle and displayed the data in the graph, which works so far quite well. Is it now also somehow possible to read the Ispindle data and then process it further, such as writing it to an external temperature sensor?
Thanks and have a nice weekend
Greetings Michael

This is possible, but at this moment would require some custom software to read the published iSpindel data, and then re-publish it to an external temp sensor.

I don’t have a tutorial at hand for this exact scenario, but it would look very much like this: Publishing data in a script | Brewblox.

Thank you I got it.
I now write the temperature into an external temperature sensor and I give the remaining ISpindle data to Brewfather.
Thanks for the support.

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