Received New BrewPi Spark 3

The FedEx man brought me a nice little box from the Netherlands today and I graduated from my old home build Brew Pi Arduino to the latest and greatest BrewPi. I build my setup using an old home alarm system box that I no longer used. I prewired everything over the weekend and added the BrewPi and new SSRs tonight. I used my dremel tool to make cutouts for my tablet and the BrewPi. The units is up and running with the docker image, still have to do some configuring, but overall it is up and running. Have the week to play with it before brew day this weekend.

Attached are some pictures of my setup.

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Nice macgiver work on the spark mounting!

Thanks, had to find a way not to tamage that fancy new case you had made. Maybe for the next revision, the case could have the ability to connect angle brackets like the rack ears you find on rack mount network switches so it could be more easily mounted surface mount for the front or rear so you don’t need to use zip ties. Regardless, I like the look of mine. Will need to couch up the front of the case to smooth the cuts and potentially paint the door.

Maybe we could 3d-print a bracket that serves the same function as your DIY one.

Something with a bezel/frame for the hole you cut and a clip to hold the BrewPi. I have made a quick sketch:

That’s a good idea and may be enough of a reason (excuse) to get a 3D printer for myself.

My homemade BrewPi system using Raspberry Pi 3 + Arduino went kaput. USB ports no longer work, micro SD card corrupted. Contemplating rebuilding this or purchasing a Spark v3. I believe your image answered one of my questions concerning being ale to access the web interface remotely as I could with my old setup. The next question I’m trying to figure out is the ability to integrate a Brewometer (Tilt) device. Any idea if this is possible in v3?

The Tilt integration is with the software on the RasPi. It doesn’t interact with the BrewPi hardware. That said, the Tilt integration hasn’t been updated to integrate with the latest software yet but I believe the original author of the integration is planning to update it soon.


Thanks for the info! I’m thinking the v3 purchase is a safe bet.