Recomended PWM period setting

Hi have just completed my new brewing setup.
I’m using the SSR, both 3-phase and 1-phase that you offer in you shop…
What is the recommended or shortest period setting for the PWM block that these relays will be stable.

Currently running 10s.

For mashing?
The default is 4 seconds, 2 is also fine.

With solid state relays, you can go pretty quick, but you only have 50 zero crossing per second.

Thanks. Both for Mashing and boiling…

I belive i have been told once that SSR don’t handle more that 1Hz.
And was a bit unsure how this would behave if you have a low period setting(like 1-2 sec.) and only running 5-10% on.

I’ll reset to 4s and get my first brew on the new system going.