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I am just wondering what I need to do and what the risks are in making my BrewPi accessible remotely from work, on holiday etc.

My BrewPi is connected wirelessly to my home LAN with many other PC’s and devices on it. I am assuming all I would need to do is configure my router to forward the port to the static IP address of my BrewPi set up? The router is one of the VirginMedia superhub cable jobbies.

My passwords are all stock etc at the moment. So I would need to change the password on the Raspberry Pi but is there anything else to do? Is it too risky?


I have mine opened up using port forwarding and then there are instructions on another forum on how to create a separate page without the buttons (to stop unwelcome visitors from tweaking with your settings) this means that to make changes to the brewpi settings they would have to know your username and password.

It’s a fairly simple process just cutting and pasting the info from prymals post into some new files, but I’m sure if Brewpi updated something on the web interface this change could interfere with that. But for me it works.

I also got a free domain and mapped it to that so I don’t have to remember a long IP

@Dean I share my BrewPi web interface over the internet, currently I only forward to the port of the web site which I have changed from the default, mine is on 8085 so I go to the site as follows., I have password protected the whole apache server, but have come across this post which seems reasonable, you have a public read only pages, and a password for the admin (settings pages).


Thanks guys. Some good ideas there and @mikmonken I love you public site, that is very cool!

Aside from RaspberryPi password to change is there BrewPi ones to change too? I havent had the need to look at those settings yet.

Where is the best place to pick up a free IP? Not that a paid one is all that expensive!

I got mine from it was free and just allowed me to mask my IP address as for the password change the regular password through the RPI Config page use a secure password and you should be fine

I had to do a complete overhaul of my Pi (somehow my SD was corrupted) and finally got around to doing this. How great is this? Thanks @mikmonken for sharing this and his site.

Hey there @mikmonken, I was following those directions from the forum but am stuck on #3 where it says "Create a file with vi or nano called index.php and add the contents of the code block below (Mostly fixes in the Javascript section of the file) "

Could you explain how you create a file and add the contents?

pi@raspberrypi /var/www $ sudo mv index.php admin.php
pi@raspberrypi /var/www $ mkdir index.php

This is about all I have done after changing the allowoverride to all.


So assuming your in the folder that step one points you and that you need to create the index.php file

type sudo nano index.php

This will then open up a blank window and I cut and paste all the contents from post 3 into that window and save and exit.

It’s easier to do these commands if you’ve connected to the pi via SSH as you can then just use the normal Mac or Windows shortcuts to cut and paste big blocks of text.

Oh man, thanks a ton! I just skipped the original post (page 9) and moved on to these more recent directions. That won’t mess it up either right?

Also, on the last part, “Create a file using vi editor called .htaccess and inside of it put
the following, modify the first line where it is bold and replace it
with what you plan to call your Private PHP file. Do you just rename the first line (“admin.php”) to anything specific?” And do you do anything with the “YOUR LOGIN HERE”?

Thanks bud

Sorry for all the questions. I really don’t understand this stuff too well.

Yep the admin.php is the bit that allows you to login and edit for example to access and edit brewpi on my home network I put I can’t remember what I put in for the login part though

So you just left that first line

FilesMatch “admin.php”

Yep exactly, the user name I just kept as pi but I can’t remember if this was the user id for the pi of the htpassword but I think I kept the same user name anyway.

Man, thanks a ton for the help @mikmonken. I’m up and running. I just left everything the same on that last part (except for the IP address, obviously) and it all works quite nicely.

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Dear folks (i.e. @mikmonken),
I have a couple of questions regarding this one in order to get it working, which I haven’t yet been able to find answers for. Can someone help provide some input here? In the 2nd section of Prymal’s post:

  1. In step 5, do you need to replace “webmaster@localhost” (line 2) w/ anything else?
    –> When I run apache2ctl -k graceful (per step 6-8), I get the following error:
    AH00558: apache2: Could not reliably determine the server’s fully qualified domain name, using Set the ‘ServerName’ directive globally to suppress this message
    –> I tried replacing [webmaster] w/ my new username and [localhost] w/ my RPi’s IP address and I get the same message when I try step 8. Also, [] isn’t my RPi’s IP address lol
  2. In step 10, none of it is bold? Which part does they mean when they say “modify the first line where it is bold and replace it with what you plan to call your Private PHP file”?

Here’s the post link once more (for convenience):

For step 5 I’m pretty certain I just cut and paste what’s in the box and saved I didn’t change any of the text.

I have no idea what the Apache error is though but I have especially if you’re following the process to the letter???

Regarding point 2 you need to change admin.php to whatever you changed the file name to earlier in point 1 or 2.

For step 5, just change “AllowOverride All” Making sure the “All” is there is the only thing you need to change. Leave the “webmaster@localhost” alone.

I’m not really sure what this means. Sorry.

It’s saying you can replace the “admin.php” to whatever you want to call it. I just left it as “admin.php” and it worked great. You do want to change the second-to-last line and replace that ip address with your RPi’s ip.

Step 5:
The Apache error is just telling you that it cannot reverse DNS lookup the ip address it is nothing IMHO to worry about.

Step 10:
as @bryancm1 says change the admin.php bit if you did choose a different name for the file.



Just letting you guys know I have made a pull request in github

My changes allow anyone to see LCD display and graph but not change any settings. To change settings you must log in with username/password.

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Looks great, I like this! Once this is integrated, is any setup needed or is everything already setup?

Been meaning to set something like this up. Will look into this, thanks for posting!!