Remove wrong Tilt-data points

I’m running BrewBlox with two conicals and a Tilt in each of them. I am very satisfied with the new system. The only thing is, that sometimes I get some stupid data points from Tilt. With theses points the whole graph is not readable anymore. Here an examle:

Graph with Tilt Data:

Graph without Tilt data:

The wrong data point is about -57 thousand, so the scale of the graph is adopted to the most extreme points.
Is there a possibilty at the Moment to delete single data points out of the database.

It’s possible to manually remove points from the database.

You’ll need the exact point name.

  • Expand the graph settings.
  • Find the point, and click on it to open its settings in a dialog.
  • The title of the dialog is the full name, but it includes service name. Example: tilt/Yellow/Plato[degP]

In your BrewBlox dir, run

docker-compose exec influx influx -database brewblox

This will connect to the InfluxDB shell. You can run database queries here.

select time, "Yellow/Plato[degP]" from "brewblox"."autogen"."tilt" where "Yellow/Plato[degP]" < -10000000

In this query, put the service name (before the first /) in the "brewblox"."autogen"."tilt" section (replace tilt), and use the part after the first / in the rest of the query.

Example output (different keys)

> select time, "mock-sensor-2/value[degC]" from "brewblox"."autogen"."sparkey" where "mock-sensor-2/value[degC]" = 22
name: sparkey
time                mock-sensor-2/value[degC]
----                -------------------------
1579086099122998000 22
1579086104149512000 22
1579086109172633000 22

Copy the “time” value, and run:

delete from tilt where time = 1579086099122998000

Replace the long number with the time value you copied.

Repeat the process for downsampled databases:

select time, "Yellow/Plato[degP]" from "brewblox"."downsample_1m"."tilt" where "Yellow/Plato[degP]" < -10000000
select time, "Yellow/Plato[degP]" from "brewblox"."downsample_10m"."tilt" where "Yellow/Plato[degP]" < -10000000
select time, "Yellow/Plato[degP]" from "brewblox"."downsample_1h"."tilt" where "Yellow/Plato[degP]" < -10000000
select time, "Yellow/Plato[degP]" from "brewblox"."downsample_6h"."tilt" where "Yellow/Plato[degP]" < -10000000

You can always run delete from "tilt" where time = XXXXXXXX, regardless of where the downsampled data came from.

If this happens more often, it’d be better for @j616s or us to do some input sanitation.

Also worth noting you can zoom in on the vertical axis of the graph by click & dragging the range. It won’t help in this case, but I also keep things like gravity and PWM values on a separate y-axis to temp as they tend to fall in a different range. I’ll stick input sanitation on the list of jobs. Usual warning of it being a hobby project for me and having little time to put to it atm, though :slight_smile:

Thank’s for your tips. I found some negative data points and removed them by using the delete-command. In the downsampled databases I didn’t find any special data point. But nothing changes in the graphs (neither after rebooting the system).
Do you have an idea, where this comes from.

I forgot to take into account that in downsampled databases, the key name is not the same.

Due to a limitation in Influx, every level of downsampling has keys prefixed with “m_”. The prefix is repeated for higher levels.

So the correct queries for downsampled databases would be:

select time, "m_Yellow/Plato[degP]" from "brewblox"."downsample_1m"."tilt" where "m_Yellow/Plato[degP]" < -10000000
select time, "m_m_Yellow/Plato[degP]" from "brewblox"."downsample_10m"."tilt" where "m_m_Yellow/Plato[degP]" < -10000000
select time, "m_m_m_Yellow/Plato[degP]" from "brewblox"."downsample_1h"."tilt" where "m_m_m_Yellow/Plato[degP]" < -10000000
select time, "m_m_m_m_Yellow/Plato[degP]" from "brewblox"."downsample_6h"."tilt" where "m_m_m_m_Yellow/Plato[degP]" < -10000000

Yes, those prefixes are really annoying.

You should see changes immediately after pressing F5 in the UI. Rebooting the system is not necessary.

Thank’s @Bob_Steers. That worked, my graphs are clean again.

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