Removing Previous Beers

This is probably a really simple questions:

Can someone please explain step by step how to remove/delete some of the previous beer data logging?

Many thanks

If you used our standard docker install instructions:

  • ssh into the pi
  • cd ~/brewpi-data/html_data>
  • delete any folders you don’t want with with rm -rf <folder name here>. Use tab to auto complete the folder name so you don’t have to type it out.

Excellent. Thanks Elco

Hi Elco,

I’m following your instructions, but I don’t have permission?

pi@raspberrypi:~/brewpi-data/html_data $ rm -rf heating%20test%2002%2F06%2F18
rm: cannot remove ‘heating%20test%2002%2F06%2F18/heating%20test%2002%2F06%2F18-2018-06-19.json’: Permission denied

What am I doing wrong?

ignore me forgot sudo prefix