Repair Wall Mounted Temperature Sensors


I have two sensors (the discontinued wall mounted version) that are not working. One never worked since I bought it and the second suddenly didn’t work (was in the HLT without moving). I would like to be able to know if maybe I can repair them?

  1. What’s kind of thing did you use to glue it? (Will heat up melt the glue?)
  2. If I find out that is the ds18b20 sensor that is broken, can I just swap them?

The probe is hollow, with a DS18B20 inside, filled with epoxy.

Probably the sensor won’t come out easily and repairing them is not doable. You can try to pull it out with force, because it is broken already.

This is the reason we discontinued the wall sensor and started selling the thermowells instead.
The thermowells have a larger inner diameter than the wall mounted sensors, so the cheap simple sensors that we sell, with a 6mm probe, can fit inside and are cheap to replace if broken.