Replace FTSS Unitank from SSBREWTECH. Help

I would like to replace my Unitank FTSS controller. I have read but it is not very clear what I need
Sorry for my English, I am Spanish and I use the google translator.
Is this all I need?

1.- Brewpi Spark.

2.- POWER SUPPLY 12V - 2.08A:


3.- 2 units of RJ12 CABLE:


Heater and pump
SSBREWTECH cold must go
connected to the EXPANSION BOARD? And should RJ12 cables be connected to Spark?

It is not very clear to me, I do not understand English very well.
I would appreciate a video or a drawing explaining all the connections.

Thank you

Sorry for rubbish diagram, think that’s everything you need
Brewblox FTSS


Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, the DC board is a drop in replacement for the FTSS. Barrel jack 1 and 4 are for power, 2 and 3 for heater and cooler.

You can use the existing thermowell, just take out the existing temp sensor and get a standard onewire sensor from us. I would not use a triclamp sensor for the conical.

@Elco and @JoeV Thanks!!!

Thank you! There is something I do not understand (surely it is because of my English level).

1.- Can I use the power cable that comes with the FTSS controller, or do I have to buy a new one?

2.- To connect the DC EXPANSION BOARD with the SPARK, do I only need an RJ12 cable?

3.- How do I connect the RASPBERRY PI to the Spark?

Thank you. Again forgive me for my level of English.

Use the one that comes with the FTSS controller for powering the FTSS pump and heating pad, which plugs into the DC expansion board, you will also need a separate power cable to power the spark from Brewpi store as well as a power unit for the Raspberry PI.


Via WIFI or USB, see updated diagram!

Screenshot 2020-04-26 at 12.51.51
These are just extra ports you can connect RJ12 onewire devices to similar to whats on the spark, it means you can have one RJ12 coming out of the spark to the DC expansion board and then other devices if required connected to the ports on the DC expansion board to keep things neat and tidy.

Estos son solo puertos adicionales a los que puede conectar dispositivos RJ12 de un solo cable de forma similar a la chispa, lo que significa que puede tener un RJ12 saliendo de la chispa a la placa de expansión de CC y luego otros dispositivos si es necesario conectados a los puertos de la expansión de CC tabla para mantener las cosas ordenadas y ordenadas.

Screenshot 2020-04-26 at 12.51.59
FTSS power can go into this or number 1

Wifi and USB are both supported. USB is somewhat more reliable.

Thank you all very much, I think I have already understood.

I will go further:

1.- I have two Unitanks.

To connect the second Unitank, I understand that I need another DC BOARD, right?

  1. Is it possible to connect the TILT hydrometer to the same Spark?

3.- I also have a fridge where I keep the Kegs. Also I could connect the fridge to the same Spark ??

  1. And the most important question: due to my level of English, will it be difficult to install everything on the raspberry pi?

Thank you very much again.
I am very grateful.

Cables are probably easier with another DC board.

You can show the Tilt in the same UI.

You can control your fridge with the same Spark.

We kept instructions for installing Brewblox simple. If anything is unclear, you can ask here.

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Why not?
Is there a reason other than cost?

You’ll not need a tri clamp one, I don’t see it providing any advantage. Although the thermowell on the SS Brewtech Uni Tank is tri clamp, you just need a temperature probe that will slot into the thermowell. The stock thermowell will have been designed to be optimal for the tank dimensions.So I’d just stick with the stock tri clamp thermowell and one of the temperature probes Elco sells. That’s what I’d do anyway!

Greetings again:
I have decided that I will take the step.
First of all, I have purchased the Raspberry Pi 4B 4g ram.
This article will get me home on Wednesday.

Before buying the spark, dc board … is it possible to use blewbox without Spark?
Before buying everything, (it is a lot of money) I would like to know if I am able to install Blewbox on Raspberry Pi.

Thank you

Yes, you can install Brewblox without a Spark. We have a Spark simulator that runs on the Pi.

I will post instructions tomorrow on how to add a Spark simulator.

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Thank you, I will wait patiently for those instructions.
Thank you

The benefit of a thermowell is that you can replace a broken sensor without emptying the tank.
I’m going to sell wall mounted thermowells instead of wall mounted sensors next month.

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