Hello everyones,

after having intensively used the Wizard on BrewBlox, I’m facing today the error:

Failed to create Ferment Fridge Setting-7: 500: CommandException(CREATE_OBJECT failed with code INSUFFICIENT_PERSISTENT_STORAGE)

How can I resolve this problem please?

If I have to re-install from scratch everything, it’s not a big deal, if there is a guide somewhere?

Thanks anyway,


That error is raised if the persistent memory on your Spark is full.
You can check the Spark service page to check whether this is plausible: the expected maximum is 60-80 blocks (depending on block type).

Do note that if you run a wizard, and then want to remove the output, you’ll want to delete the created blocks along with the dashboard.

Awwww thanks, that make sense. I wasn’t aware it recreate block elements everytime I’m using the wizard.

Problem is corrected.


You can manage multiple fermentation setups with the same Spark, so wizards always add new blocks/widgets.

Exceptions are sensors and actuators: it’ll rename the sensor blocks, and replace the pin assignments for SparkPins/DS2413/DS2408 if you choose the same input or output in subsequent wizards.

The spark service page will show all your blocks. The dashboards just show the blocks for which a widget is created on the dashboard.

Delete all blocks on the service page will remove all.

This is what I did, removed all then re-created the fermentation dashboard.
Multiple fermentation control incoming soon as I’ll hack a chest freezer soon that comes next to the first fridge.

Thanks to you.