Returned Item awaiting refund / exchange

Hi Guys. I returned a heating element back on the 18th July after arranging with Felix. And subsequently ordering the larger size. I haven’t received my refund yet or any reply to several emails that i have sent chasing it up so thought i would try to get hold of you through the forum.

I sent my latest email on the 1st September asking if i could offset the refund against some more Onewire sensors that i need.

If someone could get back to me as soon as possible i would really appreciate it.


Hi Chris,

I was on holiday, will check tomorrow and contact you.
I’m not sure the element arrived. I think it might have been incorrectly held by PostNL for taxes, because it addressed to Felix instead of BrewPi BV, and didn’t include that it was a return item.

We got a letter from PostNL but the shipment was already returned to sender once that letter arrived. But it wasn’t clear about which package that letter was. PostNL isn’t great at this.

Thanks Elco.

I did return it to the address exactly as instructed, Felix’s email dated 12th July below. I emailed regrading the refund on the 18th July, 16th August and then again on the 1st September without reply.

I’m most keen to get the additional one wire sensors that I emailed about to finish up a new build. I would also like one of your thermowells, any idea if you will be getting more in?

'Hi Chris,

Sorry for the late reply. I must have missed the email.
You can return the heating element to:

Torenallee 32-06
5617BD Eindhoven

We will refund the element when it arrives.

Best regards,