Rev C shield LCD not working [solved]

I’m new here and first want to introduce my self. I’m since a few years a hobby brewer, obviously not a nativ speaker :sweat_smile: , done some successful brewing attempts and now have the great opportunity to get a dedicated brewing space.

I bought somewhere around 2015 a Brewpi kit in the brewpi shop (Rev C). But unfortunately I never had the space to get a designated fermentation fringe, witch I have now.
So I soldered the kit according to the soldering guide, build a custom case and installed the software. This took me a few weeks (ordering additional parts).
As far as I can test my build right now it seems to work just fine except the LCD.

*The website Shows up
*The Sensors are connected
*The relays work

But the LCD shows only lines.
What can cause such an error?
Is my display broken?

Sorry for my bad English if I can add additional infos please let me know!

Is the Arduino programmed with BrewPi Rev C 0.2.10?

Perhaps the wiring between the display backpack board and the main board has an error. I don’t have enough info to figure out what the error is. Your solder work on the display header looks nice, but if you post photos of the rest I can check.
I don’t think the display is faulty, because it shows characters, just not the right ones.

I received yesterday a New display, and it solves the problem. Now it lights in 15% cooler blue.
Thx for your reply.

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