Rims overshoot solved!

After years of just dealing with it I finally listened to @Elco and installed a safety. So many scorched worts and blown mash steps!!!

I had to shrink my element down to 4500watt but it made the world of a difference in temp control!!
It’s ghetto wired for testing purposes. See how brew day goes!!

The shrinking was due to physical size constraints? Good luck with the brew!

Yeah. The problem was with a super short float switch, it would airlock at the top of the tube and the float wouldn’t work. Now with a shorter 4500 watt element. The float is below the 90 of the tee.

Brew day went great. Zero issue with the rims tube. But I certainly have some serious tuning todo on the entire system. So I will be bugging u guys in the near future. I’m sure of it!!!

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Get in touch on discord when you’re working on it. I think some clever things are possible with a cascaded PID like the herms, so one PID sets the desired temperature of the rims near the exit and the other drives the rims element.
This will eliminate risks of overheating compared to letting the mash directly drive the rims element.

could u give me a hand with the discor… I just tried to log in but something went nuts and now its asking for email and password which I dont have yet…

user name bambam

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oh boy
ill try from another device and see if that helps