RJ11 Wring for an DS18b20 Probe

I have a bunch of DS18b20 probes I bought somewhere and I want to make them compatible with the RJ11 One-Wire jacks.

I found the attached picture online, and I’m just curious if that’s all I’d need to do to get them running.


RJ11 Wire

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I don’t know where you found the picture, but that is not how they are connected for BrewPi.

  1. Unused
  2. 5V
  3. GND
  4. Data

It is also printed on the back of the BrewPi Spark. Take into account though that the sticker on the back lists 6 pins, because RJ11 is the same shape as RJ11, but without the outer 2 pins. So RJ11 1-4 are RJ12 2-5.