Room Temp sensor sensativity

First off, thanks Elco and the rest of the community for all your hard work. I absolutely love my BrewPi!

In my current BrewPi setup I have a chest freezer that fits 2 6.5gal carboys. I am using the room temp sensor to monitor the temperature of the second beer (They tend to stay within <0.3F of each other). But I have noticed that it does not appear to take readings as frequently or as accurately as the other sensors. I have tried switching probes and it did not change anything. Is there a way to have the Room Temp log to the same level of detail as Beer 1? Also, I remember reading on the forums a while back talk about adding a Beer 2 (I don’t remember if it would have any effect on the control algorithm or if it was just for logging) to the sensor list. Is this still in the works?

Can you post a screen shot of the chart that displays the behavior? You can just copy/paste into the editor.

The room temp sensor logs with the same resolution as the beer sensor (0.0625 C), but it is not software filtered.

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Thanks. Attached is a screenshot from the past few days. You can see that the Beer Temp (green) registers pretty minor changes, but the Room Temp (grey) jumps in 0.11F increments. it is tough to tell if the polling rate is the same since it jumps in steps.

If it is just my system that is doing this i may have to tinker with my setup a bit to see what may be causing the issues. I fabbed my own shield instead of buying the pre-made one, so it is possible that I messed something up. I am not sure what would cause behavior like this though.

Hi @Funkbuqet!

Unlike the beer and fridge sensors, the room temp sensor isn’t filtered so it’s showing the actual precision of the probe. (Which is +/- 0.0625 C). The other sensors are filtered with a low-pass filter so the transitions are smoothed over.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks! I guess it is good enough then. i can still tell that the second carboy is staying pretty close to the control carboy as far as temperatures go. Again, thanks for all the effort you guys put into this.