Running more than one server on same network

Is it possible to have two brewblox servers on the same network? I am setting up a Raspberry Pi 4 with the Spark 4, but it seems that running the server on this one interferes with the one already running on the Rasp 3, probably because they are both creating same network. I will be moving everything to the Rapsberry 4 eventually but wanted to wait for fermentation to be over before messing things up.

Multiple Brewblox installations on different hosts should work out of the box, unless they are attempting to control the same Spark. How are they interfering?

Same spark-one already assigned to server on Rasp 3 is showing up as “click to add” on new server. Instead the usb connected Spark 4 is not available to add on the Rasp 4, do I need to flash firmware first?

“spark-one” is created by default as a service. This does not mean it is connected to a controller, or it may be connecting to a controller that is used by a service with a different name on another Pi.

The Spark 4 does not support control over USB. Either connect an ethernet cable, or see the startup guide for instructions on wifi configuration.

After connecting the Spark to your network, run

brewblox-ctl service remove spark-one
brewblox-ctl add-spark

This will discover available controllers, and add a service for your Spark 4.

Thank you, it worked and I am able to run both now.