Running web interface on my mac?


I’ve got one of the old brewpi’s controlling the temp of my fridge & that works great.

I’m going to get a brewpi spark which will eventually control my BIAB brew setup.
For the time being I just want to use it to log mash temperatures when I’m brewing.
I dont have a spare raspberry pi (yet), but always have my macbook with me when I brew - running beersmith etc.
Can I install the web interface on my macbook and plug in the brewpi spark via usb? I’ve got no idea how I’d install/run the web interface on a mac, but am fairly familiar with linux, so would I be better running eg debian in virtual box?

OK. I guess I was just being a bit lazy by asking the question without trying…!

I’ve got the web interface running on Mint in Virtualbox.

Had to tweak the install script to refer to my username rather then the default “pi”,.
Also had to move everything from /var/www to /var/www/html - due to apache version??

Got the test interface running just fine now.

I see no reason why plugging the brewpi into my macbook via usb wont work. ??

I was going to mention VirtualBox. It think that’s a good way to go. Hopefully works.