SainSmart 4-Channel Relay Module connecton to BrewPi Shield rev C

Hello all,

I have a SainSmart 4-Channel Relay Module that I want to connect to the brewPi rev C shield for 12vDC parts. The issue that I am running into is I know I can hook up to one of the actuators on the shield but I still need to hook up either one of the IN1, IN2, IN3, or IN4. Can someone please help me with this. Will I need to use the center of the shield to come up with these connections?

what do you currently have connected to the shield
are you already using the heat and cool actuators.

you can connect the relays just like an ssr but youll need to bring 5v to the relay board. you can harvest this from the temp pribe connectors inside the fridge. connect vcc to 5v and ground to ground then connect the actuator line to the port on the relay you want to control.

Thanks wbarber69 for the response. I currently have two SSRs hooked up but I want to use the SainSmart board as well. So I want to make sure I understand you right. I will take the ground from the actuator port and hook to ground on the SainSmart. Then the Positive side of the actuator port to one of the IN1,2,3,or 4. Then I will tie into one of the 5v’s lines on one of the OneWire post. Is this correct?

That sounds correct.

The 5 volts can also be taken from the debug vias next to the headers in the shield. This way you’re using a pin from the shield instead of a pin from the onewire board which in theory leads to a less messy build (shorter wires).

Thanks everyone. I was sitting there with a question mark and something this simple I should have figured out. lol I am getting ready to start some more testing one my 3 pin connectors come in.

Depending on who makes the relay board you may have to toggle the inverted state of the actuator to get the desired results. But everything else sounds like you’re on the right track

Awesome Okay. Currently I am sticking everything a some Plexiglas to stick in a large project box. Once I have it completed I will post a picture of it as well as my chamber.

While waiting on my SSRs I’ve used a cheap dual relay board from China. I had to invert the actuators and I thought I did something wrong. Seems that this is not uncommon.