Saving fermentation profile on BrewBlox

I looked around and couldn’t find any info on the subject.
Can someone walk me through the process of saving a fermentation profile, and how to load up one from a save?

This uses the Setpoint Profile block. Click the actions button in the top right of the widget, and choose save/load. You can save profiles there, or import them (and then start with a new start time)


@Bob_Steers, where can I find the saved profiles? I’d like to create and edit my profiles outside of the UI. Didn’t see any UI control for being able to “import” them though. Did I miss a section of the docs?

I’ll make an issue for importing/exporting profiles in the UI.
In the meantime you can also use the debugging UI to import/export configuration.

To directly read and write the block you can go to https://pi_address/spark-one/api/doc and look under the Objects tab.

Edit: when manually editing, keep in mind that startTime is in seconds since epoch, and point.time is in seconds since startTime.

Thanks Bob! I’ll give it a try.