Schematics for building three phased controller

I’ve bought the 10kw rounded heater elements ( … ter-10000w)

and a three phased Solid state relay ( … ay-ssr-20a)

and PID controllere (

Is there schematics for how I assemble these into a controller box anywhere? Where what wires go and such?

For the electrical connections to the element, please refer to this guide:

Each loop will have 1 leg on neutral and the other on a phase.
Your SSR will switch the 3 phase wires and will be controlled by the PID.

Power in to A1, B1, C1 and A2, B2 and C2 to the element. The neutral and ground is not switched by the SSR.

The control signal from the PID can be optionally interrupted by a float switch to prevent turning on the element when it is not submerged.

You should put a link to this one in your store