Script not running - nothing changed

Hi, everything was fine until today, the script is not running and i cant restart it. error as follows:


Thank you for helping

This looks like a symbolic link pointing to itself, but I have no idea how you got in this situation.

What is the output of
ls -ahl /home/
ls -ahl /home/brewpi ?

We don’t use symbolic links, did you create them yourself?

First output


Second output


Didnt creat it. followed the instruction and lunching the brewpi webface with the kinematic application



And the brewpi is heating, withiut a comand?

I think this may be an issue because you are running with Kitematic on Windows.
Maybe the directory for your persisted data is not mounted in the kitematic VM.
The VM has no access to the directory on the Windows host and this strange error is the result.

Check which host directory is mounted and check that it is accessible form the Kitematic VM.
You have windows host->linux VM->docker container. I think the problem might be at the first arrow.

And this error

Yes, all related to not being able to access the mounted files I think.

thanks for your help elco, but i have no idea what to do. I am frustrated and disapointet on a new level, will give it another try when i‘m calme again. If it works tomorrow fine, otherwise it was a nice but not cheap experiment.

Docker on windows is a bit of a pain. This is not a BrewPi specific issue, but an issue with running docker on Windows and the problems that can cause.

I can help you with remote assistance on Friday, I don’t have time tomorrow.

I understand that you’re frustrated, I have had some fights with docker on Windows too. If you don’t mind waiting for my availability, we can do a quick screen sharing session until it works. I want you to be happy with your BrewPi and I’ll do my best to make that happen.

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Don‘t get me wrong. Im frustated because i dont have the unterstanding to fix this issues by myselfe and disapontent because i had it up and running and know nothing works :slight_smile:

I did everything new in this morning, without any extra programms whatsoever. The only thing witch cant be resetet is the brewpi spark, its still heating, like it is stuck?

image image image

And i testet it with the correct ip adress as well (116 at the end)

And now i get this error messages:

image image

Maybe this could solve my problems?

Anyway, this friday, i could only be online betwen 4pm and 6pm, really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance

You have many strange errors. If this was on a pi I would suspect SD card corruption. I don’t understand it either I must admit.

Can i somehow hard reset the brewpi spark to the delivery settings? Maybee its blocking, because it still tries to heat, even there is no input.

There’s a factory reset button under advanced settings. It is falling back on your beer sensor because the fridge sensor is lost.