Script not running!

I am in the process of installing brewpi on a Raspberry connected to Arduino Uno R3 via usb cable (which I have confirmed as good), no components connected to the arduino at the moment.

So far I’ve been following the documentation, but have ran into a few issues. First being: when I open the web interface, it states Script not running!, I click it and wait, but it doesn’t change.

I’ve read a bit about modifying the config.cfg file, but it doesn’t exist on my system.

Any thoughts?

You probably have not cloned the script repository and/or set up the cron job. Our automated install script takes care of that. Separate scripts for these tasks are in the brewpi-script/util directory.

For support getting a bare Arduino running with the legacy BrewPi code, I’d like to refer you to this thread on home brew talk:

Thanks. I’ll post on HBT.