SD failed, "Legacy setup" new raspian install php7.0 stops script installing

Hi all,

My SD card failed again, seems to be years apart but always same issue.
Legacy – RPI 1 , arduino Leonardo RevC the first commercial build @Elco sold i believe.

In the past i have been able to just follow the install process again and get it going.
Now that Raspian has been updated to Buster, PHP has been updated to Ver7.0 and the Install script tries to install PHP5 and its dependencies, the script fails :frowning: also fails on ping must now block ping.

So i have tried editing the script to check for PHP7.0 and it all installs fine but the web interface doesn’t come up, apache is working, but in the errors logs there is issues with lines of code. “Sorry i didnt keep the log” i managed to crash the Pi by trying to install PHP5.6 which looks like the oldiest version i could find i could go back to.

So now i have a fresh install of Buster and looking for any advice.
Thanks in advance.

Thanks again to @Elco for many years of Brewing “easy over 100 brews” with Brewpi.


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SD cards in active use indeed seem to have a very definite and limited lifespan.

You could go digging for an old image for Raspbian jessie for better PHP5 availability, but on the whole I’m afraid that we stopped supporting BrewPi Legacy back in 2017.

Since then we also rebuilt the BrewPi software itself from the ground up, and rebranded it as Brewblox.
We added a lot of shiny new features (to name a few: controlling multiple fridges, managing multiple devices, and support for HERMS/RIMS/Glycol/custom configurations), but these do not include renewed support for Arduino.

Hey, Thanks for your reply.

I was hoping this wasn’t what i was going to be told, but in the back of my mind i kind of knew :slight_smile:

I do have a second unit with the same setup running, do you think its possible to take an image of the OS and put it in my other system?

Ill keep looking also for an older version of Raspian.

Thanks again.

You can clone the SD card using a tool like Win32 Disk Imager. You’ll probably want to change host name on your cloned Pi, but other than that it should work out of the box.

Other than that, it looks like Raspbian Jessie can be found here.

Good luck!

For a legacy setup, look at BrewPi remix. It’s a fork that is still maintained.