Selling various pans for hobby brewing

Hello everyone,

We are preforming an upgrade for our installation. We currently have three 60 liter pans, and we are planning to upgrade two of these to 100 liter pans.
So we are selling the following pans: the MT and the BK. Note, we are just selling the pans and their lids, there are no heating elements or sensors included. However, there are several holes in each pan. These holes were made specifically for Elco equipment. So as long as you use Elco equipment, the fittings shouldn’t be a problem.
There is no set price, this can be determined in consultation. We also have the experience to mount compatible sensors and/ or heating elements.
For further specifications or any information about the pans, please contact me via a private message, or respond to this post.
Several pictures of the two pans can be seen in this link:


Wouldn’t it be better to sell them as complete kettles with elements, sensors etc?
You can then size the new elements to fit your bigger kettles optimally.