Semi-Automatic Brewing Rig (Up and running)

Just wanted to share my setup here.

I have made a single page blog to be able to update the info one place for those interested in the details.

Basically it’s a semi-automatic brewing rig controlled by an Arduino Mega and a Computer.

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Very nice! Well done. Pretty much what we all want from the BrewPi!

Been really tempted to go down this path and DIY the software but I feel like if I did the development on Brew Pi will suddenly accelerate, have an awesome software release and I will have wasted my time:P

youre setup is really impressive, it’s a system you intend to sell or share :slight_smile: namely could well be interserret

That looks great! A HERMS is still on my wish list. I just coded my esp8266 keezer controller to help with lagering and I used a similar pattern, having it take commands and otherwise operate stand-alone.

I don’t have any plans to sell it or market it other than showing it for inspiration to others and to get input from others. i’m however happy to share it for those interested. i’ll post a download on the blog.

If i had started all over i had used a raspberry pi with a single web interface for controlling it instead of a pc program.

Download link posted on the blog.
Feedback is appreciated.