Service Looking for Wrong Blocks

Greetings Brewers!

I recently added a second Service (Spark 4) here at the brewery and I’ve had an issue with the blocks “switching places” between Services.

I was trying to change the temperature on my BBT (Service One) and BrewBlox couldn’t find the temperature sensor, and I therefore couldn’t change the temp… Not ideal when you want to CIP a tank.

When I looked at the configuration of the BBT Spark (Service One), it was looking for the blocks associated with my CCTs (Service Two). Specifically, the following blocks it had associated to the wrong service were: OneWire Temp, Setpoint, PID, PWM, Digital Actuator, Mutex, and GPIO Module. The Display Settings and Spark System Info were correct.

The problem somehow self-corrected itself over night (maybe there was a power-cycle I’m not aware of) so I didn’t manage to get a screen shot of the issue…

I made a log the morning after the issue had self-corrected:

Hope this is an easy bug to squash!

Your spark-one service is still in its default configuration, where it will connect to whichever controller it discovers first. If both spark-one and spark-two connect to the same controller, it will cause the problems you’re seeing.

To fix this, run the below command, and pick the Spark that’s not in use by spark-two.

brewblox-ctl add-spark -n spark-one

This will restrict spark-one to the unique device ID of the controller.

Amazing Bob. Thanks for the quick reply. I see now when I run the “discover-spark” command that indeed the two sparks have unique IDs.

Appreciate it!